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Blood Magic CYOA: Blood Magic CYOA.

Cackling Wizard CYOA: Cackling Wizard CYOA.

Cartoon Kings 0.6: Cartoon Kings 0.6 CYOA.

Clock Keeper CYOA: Clock Keeper CYOA.

Dark One's Gift: Dark One's Gift CYOA.

Demigod CYOA: Demigod CYOA.

Dimensional Traveller CYOA: Dimensional Traveller CYOA.

Hell Rebellion CYOA: Hell Rebellion CYOA.

Isekai Genie Gallery: Isekai Genie Gallery CYOA.

Power Creator Xenon: Power Creator Xenon CYOA.

The Summoner CYOA: The Summoner CYOA.

Worm Hex CYOA: Worm Hex CYOA.